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We seek to advance the field of maritime archeology by developing methods, techniques, and technology suitable for the underwater world.

Over the years working on the Mars wreck site we have developed 3D photogrammetry into an efficient and accurate site surveying tool. GIS maps based on the 3D model constitute the base of our concept "digital escalation"'. This novel concept will allow anyone, scientist, students or general public, to download and study the wreck site and its surroundings in 3D. New objects and artifacts contained in the massive data and classifications can be discovered by experts around the world. Teachers can 3D print artifacts in class to enrich their student's learning. 

Even though these concepts and applications are developed on the Mars wreck site, their use are global and not limited to the field of maritime archeology.  

Your contribution will not only secure the ongoing scientific documentation of the Mars wreck site, but it will also advance the field of maritime archeology.

Your contribution will directly contribute to:

  • Project logistics

  • Remotely Operating Vehicle rental

  • Technological development

  • Method development

  • Support vessel rental

Funds donated to the Mars Project will not contribute to:

  • Overheads

  • Salaries or compensations

The Mars Project produces many unique deliverables such as:

  • Scientific reports

  • Magazine articles

  • TV documentaries

  • Social media

  • Virtual Reality applications

  • 3D models and 3D scanning data

  • Digital Elevation Models

  • Orthomosaic maps

  • Photomosaics

  • Photo archives

  • Video archives


The Mars Project fundraising effort is transparent and the most recent Donation Report will always be available for download online.

Tax Disclaimer: Donations made directly to The Mars Foundation may not be tax-deductible in your country of residence. Laws regarding contributions vary from country to country. 


  • Help the exploration of one of the greatest maritime archeological sites in the world.

  • Support method and 3D scanning technology development.

  • Join the adventure.

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